[CH] Korean Squid

Dave Hendricks (bvdrangs@enter.net)
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 06:42:03 +0000

Yesterday a fellow student in my computer class brought some spicy 
Korean squid in for lunch. The lunch topic often wanders to food and 
he was talking about this stuff and offered us a taste. It was 
wonderful and spicy. He warned us that it was hot. Some of us loved 
it and others thought their mouth was on fire. The best I could get 
from him was that it uses some Korean hot pepper and a Korean sauce 
in it. The sauce looked red like a sweet/sour sauce but didn't taste 
that way. He wrote done the name of it in Korean so I could ask a 
Korean couple that I know for the recipe but I am not counting on 
getting an answer. Has anyone heard of such a dish? Gat a recipe?

Dave Hendricks......'Ranging for Jesus!!!