Re: [CH] Passion fruit

John Dickson (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 17:50:42 +0800

Passion fruit vines are very popular in Australia and in Perth West
Australia where I live just about every gardener grows one. Grown from seed
they are not usually very successful and most people purchase a grafted
vine. They grow very quickly and can fruit in the first year.  The vines
last for about five years at which time they are usually replaced  with a
new vine. They are prolific bearers and a single vine can produce hundreds
of fruit.
 The best way to preserve them is to squeeze the pulp into ice block trays
and freeze them. They will keep for 12 months until the next crop is
 John Dickson.

> From: Gregory <>
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> Subject: [CH] Passion fruit
> Date: Saturday, 4 April 1998 8:35
> I was lucky enough to find some passion fruits at a local grocery store
> yesterday.  Does anybody know of a passion fruit-chile sauce?  Also any
> ways to preserve the delicious pulp from them.  I grew some passion fruit
> vines last summer, producing beautiful fragrant blossoms, but no fruits. 
> It seems to me that a passion fruit habanero mixture would taste good.