[CH] Grinding chile's...

Schoenbacher, Anton (Anton.Schoenbacher@wwireless.com)
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 12:45:00 -0800

          So I have a bag of dried habs and was trying to figure
          out a way to make powder out of them w/o having to buy
          something to grind them up (am I cheap ?, YES). Anybody
          have ideas to grind them up.  I do have a coffee grinder
          that I stopped using since I stopped drinking coffee.
          Its not the kind with a spinning blade, it crushes beans
          as they go through it.  I thought about chopping them up
          then dumping them into my pepper grinder, does that sound 
          like it will work o.k. ?
          On another note, I am now drinking my hab stout, which I
          made a few weeks ago.  I only used 4 dried habs in the boil
          for about 90 min.  It isn't hot at all, but it has a hint
          of chile in it.  Not too bad.  One thing that is strange
          to me is the color, normally with the ingredients I used
          it should have been much much darker.  Does anybody know
          if there is something in chile's that would effect the color
          of beer ?  It came out to be more of a dark amber/orange