Re: [CH] Grinding chile's...

Tony Davidson (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 10:20:18 +1000

>           So I have a bag of dried habs and was trying to figure
>           out a way to make powder out of them w/o having to buy
>           something to grind them up (am I cheap ?, YES). Anybody
>           have ideas to grind them up.  I do have a coffee grinder
>           that I stopped using since I stopped drinking coffee.
>           Its not the kind with a spinning blade, it crushes beans
>           as they go through it.  I thought about chopping them up
>           then dumping them into my pepper grinder, does that sound 
>           like it will work o.k. ?

I purchased a Moulinex "Moulinet" to grind mine - it's basically like 
a baby food processor (but with a 700W engine is heaps more 
powerful).  It grinds a full bowl of habs in about 2 - 3 seconds.  
Also works well for mincing etc.

It also seems to be seeled very well when in use so minimal hab 
powder floating around - never fun in the eyes nose etc.

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