Re: [CH] The Fragrant Garden Chili Festival

Michael Bailes (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:55:12 +1000

Yes I was Herman especially that week.  (I am  a manic depressive by trade).
 The Chilli Festival is such a huge organisational job for us.
 The resouces of a little nursery like ours are stretched and all our
energies go to chillies for months.
 The Festival takes over our propagation area so we can't produce other
fragrant and useful plants. The time, money and emotional energy ask is
 I don't think we will ever try to produce 200 varieties of chilli again.
It is just too hard (although we may end up in the Guinnes Book of
I was pleased, warmed and chuffed buy the wonderful comments you and other
Australian Internet Chilli fanatics made about the Festival. Thankyou.  See
you at next year's festival.

For LUKE I have started taking photos
 I have had to wait for our stockplanats to re-fruit
( Many pods were taken at the festival)
Could I please have all the OZ Chilli head peoples postal addresses please.
(who were at the festival)
Seems by some strange and amazing turn of the dice you have all one a TFG
"survey form prize")

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