[CH] Re Beer for Slugs & FREE BEER

Michael Bailes (frgntgar@ozemail.com.au)
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:48:42 +1000

At 11:07 AM +1000 1/4/98, lukasz wrote:
>After deciding the slugs had stronger Kidneys than me and were
>more beer than I do while consuming my Habs. I passed this by a
>nurseryman that I know up here and he suggested that I mix some
>flour with the Beer and make a stiff slurry of the ingredients
>.Will try this method as we are still having summer temperatures
>here in Coffs
>			luke in Oz

 I found you needed to use a small pet food can dropped to the level of the
you have to make it easy for them to get into. they won't clime
Some people use bottles with wide tops
Sink these into ground so that  bottle top is at ground level.
Bottles don't have to be changed every day like tin traps
Leopord slugs just eat rotting vegetation and are OK in the garden
As for wasting beer you can get some FREE if you are game
Try asking at your local watering hole for the contents of their slop trays.
(Once used to be coloured with a dye so it couldnt be recycled - in the pre
environmentally conscious days)
You get some interesting replies and people start pointing you out in the

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