Re: [CH] Chile Shelf Life?

MachineGun (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 17:11:31 -0500

Twas Writ:
>myself.  I just found a bowl of chile (beef, pork and chicken) that has
been in the >fridge for about three weeks.  Now I know I shouldn't eat
this, but is there any way I >can safely eat chile this old.  I read
somewhere that enough spices will actually cure >the meat and preserve it. 

Ah well, it may be too late but (Steve?  Steve!  wake up, mon!...)...

Being frugal (read: cheap/so-tight-I-squeak-when-I-walk) myself, I dislike
throwing anything away....yet, spending most of my time cooking
professionally (meaning, others eat what I cook and therefore, I must
assume responsibility for what I cook..), I live by the "if ya ain't sure,
chunk [throw] it" (which is the redneck version of "better safe than
sorry"..) philosophy at work and find that I live by that rule at home as
well.  Simply put, I don't wanna get sick from eating food.  It would make
me scared in general of eating and I don't eat enough/regularly/decently as
it is.

So...I toss food away in a heartbeat.  Raw veggies go pretty much until
they take on different colors, shapes, or begin to grow.  Cooked veggies
(baked 'taters, no-meat stir-fries, etc.) go for about 5 days.
Meats/things with meat in them (wasn't that a Jepardy question?) go for 3-4
days, max.  Of course, anything that doesn't smell/look/feel "quite right"
is automatically dumped.  Some may call me extreme, and that may be so, but
I blame it on all the info. I read concerning sanitation, foodborne
illnesses, food production/producers, industry stuff, etc.  It's a damn
scary world to be eating in, IMO; too many hands in/on my food before I get
a chance to put it in my mouth.  I'm ramblin' big time apologies.

Now chiles.....well, that's why I dry most of mine.  They last "forever".
And having to throw away chiles, well, that indeed brings me to my knees,
to tears, and in short, lets loose a wave of guilt and shame that I have
offended El Grande in such a way.

Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......

Redneck Sous Chef
Monk of the TCS
Order of Immaculate Twister
Keeper of the Faith
and a Towel...