Re: [CH] Passion fruit

ralph feldman (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 16:13:49 -0400

Gregory wrote:
> I was lucky enough to find some passion fruits at a local grocery store
> yesterday. 

We've also been seeing passion fruit at the grocery stores here, which
is rare for Pittsburgh. Usually, to get my passion fruit fix I have to
use Consorzio's excellent Passion Fruit vignette, or Ben and Jerry's
passion fruit sorbet. 

> Does anybody know of a passion fruit-chile sauce? 

I make my own, which is easily the best and simplest sauce I make. Here
is the essential recipe:

1 Part Consorzio Passion fruit Vignette
1 Part Consorzio Mango vignette
As many fresh habs as you can stand. I like to use Habs with varying
degrees of ripeness, green, yellow, and orange, in equal proportions.

Throw them all into the blender and go to town.

I keep this in the fridge, incidentally.

You could probably eliminate the Consorzio, substituting equal parts
fresh mango and passion fruit pulps, and champagne vinegar.

> It seems to me that a passion fruit habanero mixture would taste good.


By the way, I have no connection to consorzio, etc.