Re: [CH] A Different Sauce for Rael - Raspberry Salsa

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Wed, 8 Apr 1998 12:23:22 EDT

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 Gracias, brother CH.  'Tis true, Rael has been experimenting with some
 dried fruits and such in attempts to, well, come up with somethin'
 scrumpdillyishious...yeah, mon.  Anywho, shall try the recipe.  Now how to
 get the chef-ola to order me some raspberries...
 And as the experiments go...made a dried blueberry demi glace sauce
 yesterday to use with some grilled pork loin (was going to "chile-fy it
 once I perfected the sauce...and lawdy, was that some *fine* lookin'
 piggie!!).  Was quite excited about the concept. I later tossed
 my "concept" into the trash and shook my head, a bit of discouraging wind
 did slap me in the face.  Too weird a sauce, even for me...the demi was
 just too strong (may be a problem in itself) and the addition of sage was
 just wrong, wrong, wrong (stupid me)...hence-ola, back to the drawing
 board, sez I.
Maybe you should try rosemary instead of sage.  I use it quite a bit and it
seems to work well with pork.  You may also try adding curry to the sauce.
The combination of curry and fruit is tasty.  Let me know how you do.  

I'd send a recipe your way, but usually I don't use any.  Just sort of wing
it.  I call it cooking without a net.  Starting to take the recipes out of my
head and putting them in the computer (with a paper copy as a more permanent
record) so that I can write a cookbook.  Maybe people will buy it, maybe not,
but at least my recipes will be written down at last.

Good luck!

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