Re: [CH] Interesting information on chile pepper spray.

Doug Irvine (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 07:40:06 -0700

lukasz wrote:
> Lies, Lies , and mistruths -well I hope they are ,we all know
> that most things in life cause cancer ,bacon ,red meat mc'D's
> etc ,.The Duke uni Study has to pass Judgement here before a
> well informed,Educated group of Lab rats to put it nicely ,amd I
> for one question the editing of the Article .
>           Luke In OZ
> Malcolm Fear wrote:
> >
> > Australian police are trialling pepper spray (capsaicin). A segment .snip
Boy...all of the Chile Heads are going to die of intestinal cancer, if
they havent already done so, and the list will wither up and
disappear..and all that will be left on this earth will be a load of
horse pucky coming out of Duke come this has not come to light
before, seeing as the proportion of stomach and gastric intestinal
cancer is no higher in Mexico, Szechuan, Hunan, India, or any other
place where chiles are consumed in high numbers? Who was this kook at
Duke? Cheers, and prepare to meet thy maker, chile heads, but enjoy the
chile while you are still here! Doug in BC