[CH] Curly leaves?

Richard Schwaninger (richard.schwaninger@lamrc.com)
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 07:07:07 -0700


I've been lurking here a while and don't post to often.  Now I may have a
problem coming on with my little chile plant seedling.

I started the seeds about 6 weeks ago.  I have Cayenne, Red Savina's, Ancho's
and Thai's growing.  They are all in peat-pots.  The Thai's are even already
growing flower buds.  They sit below a window which gets afternoon sun and have
a grow lamp above them.  I keep the soil moist but not dripping wet and every
once in a while use a diluted solution of miracle grow.  I've been waiting (in
vain so far) for the weather to warm up here in the San Francisco Bay Area so
that I may plant them outside.

So, now the problem.  Some of the plants, mostly the Thai's have a few leaves
which are curling up at the edges.  They are not dried out, they are just
curling.  On the underside there are little bumps, I would describe them as
"wart-like".  Also some of the leaves are turning yellow.

What am I doing wrong with these?  Are they under-nourished, infected with
fungus or something like that?  Are they just wanting to go out-doors?

I hope someone can give me a few hints here as to what I need to do.  I
certainly appreciate any help and thank you all in advance.

All the best,