RE: [CH] Chile Shelf Life?

Richard W. Stevens (
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:35:40 -0400

True.  Must have been thinking about one of the other wee beasties.
Botulinum spores are harmless if ingested, however.  Only the toxin is a
problem.  With salmonella, not only do the toxins present a problem, but if
the bacteria or spores get past the high acid environment of the stomach,
they can proliferate in the lower digestive tract.

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> It's the Clostridium botulinum that forms spores, not the Salmonella.
> The Toxins of the Clostridium are easily killed by high heat, but the
> spores require moist heat at high pressure( like a autoclave or pressure
> cooker) to be killed. Salmonella doesn't form spores and is easily
> killed by high heat. Salmonella poisoning usually occurs when cooked
> food is contaminated and allowed to sit at room temp.