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Bloechl, Sharen Rund (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 10:19:45 -0700

I'd like to suggest checking out:

but it doesn't show 3 of my 4 favorites

the following are not necessarily "hot" food restaurants but I like them

Basque:	Des Alpes on Broadway off Stockton, just before the tunnel 
			family style (North Beach/China Town)
Italian:		New Pisa on Green off Columbus (near the Italian
			family style (North Beach/China Town)
		O Solo Mio on Taylor between Turk & Eddy - small cosy yet 
			good food & ambviance - near the Marina (next to 
			Original Joe's)
Chinese:	Asia Garden? on Pacific between Grant & Stockton - good
		Dim Sum (North Beach/China Town) - although almost any 
		Chinese restaurant in the area is good
		New Hunan? on Kearney ( a block off Grant - North 
		Beach/China Town) 
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	We'll be going to San Francisco for the first time in June.  Does
	have any recommendations for good restaurants?  I'm new to the list,
	I've been enjoying it.  Thanks!