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Not sure where your from, but in a small town in the Adirondack region
of New York State (not City) by the name of Inlet is a bar called the
Red Dog Tavern.  The owner makes and markets a sauce called
"Armageddon".  There is a standing challenge there that if you can eat a
dozen Armageddon wings you get your wings for free and your name of the
"Wall of Flame".  The sauce is an unbelievably hot habernaro based sauce
that will surely light your ol' brown eye on fire.  Its been a few years
since I was there, but when I was there was a woman who was the reigning
"Wall of Flame" champion with 3 or 4 entries on the board.
If you do get into that area there is plenty of hiking and sightseeing
to do.

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> What a beautiful site you have.
> I hope you might be able to help me with something.
> My wife could probably eat fire if she was given some.
> Anyway, I was wondering if you know of places that claimed to have the
> hottest buffalo wings.
> She is not much of buffalo wing eater, but we would like to test her
> skills somewhere that offers that type of food.
> We were also told there might be some places in buffalo, new york that
> hold contests, or award you for eating a dozen wings, but we have
> failed
> to find any place. If something like that (a contest) exists, that
> would
> be wonderful.
> Thanks for your help,
> Evan Rose