Re: [CH] Resturants in San Diego
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:14:13 PST

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In another note, Phiol told you about a Mexican restaurant in Old Town... 
it is the Old Town Mexican Cafe.

For some gourmet Mexican there is El Agave.

A lot of Thai places are around. Many restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter an, 
extending from there on Fifth up through Hillcrest.

Hot licks has a couple of store locations. Another Cajun place on Midway. 
I have only passed by the Cajun food/sauce place.


> Hi Group 
> Going to San DIego next week, and was wondering were some good places to eat
> with hot and spicy food.  Also, are there any good hot sauce stores?
> George
> in Denver

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