[CH] MIME, HTML and cobincho

Peter Moss (pmoss@yoda.alt.za)
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 22:20:23 RSA-2

Hi Doug

Doug when posting to any list please turn MIME and HTML off.

In fact the internet standard, despite what MS would have you 
believe does not support it so you may as well leave it off 

Being sorry about it does not help the 1700 readers that had to 
put up with it.  And no I do not speak for them.  Think before 
posting or adjust your settings please.

BTW "exile" is not a species

Coban: C. annuum.  Location Gautemala.  Pointed ovaloid length 
.75" x .5" width. Very pungent mostly smoked

Possibly you mean C. exeximium a native of Bolivia.  This is a 
small berry like chile.  If the above I would be willing to. 
trade anything I have for some seeds.  Let me know what you are 
looking for.

C. baccatum: Aji, puta pario (red) tan/brown spots and birds eye 
             green spots see USDA 238061 
C. pubescens: Locoto
C. chinense: habanero, red, orange and scotch bonnet
C. frutescens: tobasco, african devil


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> From: "Doug Goldenberg" <dgoldenberg@sprintmail.com>
> Subject: [CH] Cobincho Chile?

[cut, please emulate this polite behaviour]

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Sure was.


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