[CH] C. baccatum

Peter Moss (pmoss@yoda.alt.za)
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 23:07:49 RSA-2

Having just bought a new house, well not so new it belonged to 
my folks.  Spending some time cleaning up the overgrown garden 
with very willing and helpful family I was browsing around 
the almost jungle like sections.  I spotted a flower, a most 
beautiful flower that had green spots on the petals.  Following 
the the branch I found some tiny fruit, ovaloid and maybe 5mm 
long on the largest.  Later I found another bush which had ripe 
fruit on it and picked some to save the seeds.  The fruit 
seperated fron the stalk with ease.  This is no cultivated 
species.  The green fruit was pungent but I have not tasted the 
ripe fruit yet.

First I have to ask what and why is a bird varietry of C. 
baccatum doing in Africa?  Second is this possibly a regression?

I was not aware of C. baccatum being available in Africa in any 
numbers to speak of.  I have never seen this species for sale 
anywhere in South Africa.  Apart from a few people that may have 
brought in seeds it probably has never been cultivated here.

Guesses, answers or put me out of my misery in not knowing.

Flower: Petal white with green spots
Fruit: 5mm x 4mm, erect
Immature fruit: green
Mature fruit: orange to red
Species: C. baccatum.  See similar USDA 238061 but smaller

Apart from a windfall I never expected to see, my thanks to the
birds that planted them for me to find.  What a joy and 
pleasure it was.

Swop seeds for similar "exotica"



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