Re: [CH] Passion fruit

Blue Rider (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 22:20:47 -1000

Gregory wrote:

> I was lucky enough to find some passion fruits at a local grocery
> store
> yesterday.  Does anybody know of a passion fruit-chile sauce?  Also
> any
> ways to preserve the delicious pulp from them.  I grew some passion
> fruit
> vines last summer, producing beautiful fragrant blossoms, but no
> fruits.
> It seems to me that a passion fruit habanero mixture would taste good.

   It is, especially since I have a growing vine next to my driveway and
habs by the front door.  Mine is a young vine and has so far given me
only one fruit, but that won't last.   Lilikoi  (passion fruit in
Hawaii-- named that because they were first found here in Lilikoi Gulch
on Maui) take a while to start fruiting much, but then, along about
Nov., you can't keep up with them.
As far as I'm concerned, almost anything is enhanced by lilikoi juice or
pulp or butter or flupped out of half a fruit with your finger and
swallowed whole, seeds and all.
Guavas, on the other hand, are awful with peppers.  But then, maybe a
sort of banana-habanero split, with various exotic ice-creams, mac nuts,
toasted coconuts.....

Maybe tomorrow