[CH] Passion fruit

Suzanne (suz@avana.net)
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 20:02:50 -0500

Once again I turned to Chip Hearn's catalog to see what passionfruit
combinations I could find.
1) datil pepper, mango, passion fruit
2) thai bird chiles, lilikoi (passion fruit), and "Hawaiian chile peppers"
3) habaneros, red papaya, guava, yellow papaya, banana, passionfruit,
ginger, lime and pineapple
4) thai chiles, passionfruit and plum juice

There is a "Jump up and kiss me" passionfruit sauce but I dont know what's
in it.

There may be more, but we have one hell of a storm brewing here in Atlanta
so I am going to send this before I take more of a chance at losing power.
I hope this gives you some good ideas!


>I was lucky enough to find some passion fruits at a local grocery store
>yesterday.  Does anybody know of a passion fruit-chile sauce?  Also any
>ways to preserve the delicious pulp from them.  I grew some passion fruit
>vines last summer, producing beautiful fragrant blossoms, but no fruits. 
>It seems to me that a passion fruit habanero mixture would taste good.

...if that which thou seek thou find not within thee, thou will never find
it without thee."