FW: [CH] Jalapeno seasoning

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:52:33 -0400

Having just come from an easter dinner at mom's ( no, I don't have fond 
memories of my mother's cooking growing up ) I beg of you to go light with 
that salt when cooking.  As a guest I can always add more, but rinsing ones 
food under running water doesn't do much for the host's feelings.

Like every other food taboo ( saturated fats, sugar, alcohol, caffeine ) 
there seems to be some problems when one over-indulges.  And few health 
risks if used in moderation.

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Hi  C-H's,
	Would John and Frank care to discuss the following statements,
excerpted from John's recent post? :

"We all know the perils of
too much salt in the diet."

Tell me what they are, and be very careful what you say!

" The use of a "seasoning salt" ................................., not to
mention any possible health related problems there may be."

What health problems are there for any normal healthy person?

"Add the salt to the food separately."

This from a chef? Why? Do you practise your craft in a cardiac unit? Many
dishes and cooking and preserving methods depend upon salt.

"I'll step down from my soap box and those who wish
may flame away.  I'm ready to burn baby!"

I'm not going to flame you, but I might make sauerkraut out of you!

                     Regards,               Cameron.