[CH] The good news and the bad news

MidNite RamBler (nkal@hol.gr)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:44:35 +0200

Anyone can explain the difference between potting soil , garden soil,
soilless mix and whatever else there might be?

My first batch of seedlings is now resting in peace and I am now trying
to get lucky with the second batch. If there was a way I could only
get beyond the "seedling leaves/half true leaves" stage I would be a
happy man. This time I started them in "potting" soil and almost all
of them have germinated. I have this intense feeling that the story
will repeat itself. Any hints are mostly welcome.

The good news is that I received BigTom's Id cards #2021 #2022 and they're
far better than *great*. To give to those that don't own one an idea, my
brother who is no ch at all (a sweet bell ,is his idea of capsicum rush :) 
tried to get me into giving him one :)))
As to why I got two of them for myself, I followed the famous rule of "the
more seedlings die on you the more cards you should have" .

Take care