[CH] Intro and request

Sugaree908 (Sugaree908@aol.com)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:04:34 EDT

Hi all :)  After a 6 month or so absence from the list I am back.  Hope all of
you are good.  Traffic on the list is much lighter than I remember.  Anyways,
does anyone have a recipe for mustard/jalapeno mustard ?  I bought a bottle a
while ago and can't find any store around that carries it.  I'm thinking
mustard can't be too hard, add a few peppers, ya think?  But I imagine I need
exact quantities.  I had some hab mustard, but the flavor of the hab gives me
awful heartburn, can't do it.  Well, TIA for any pointers, recipes,
professing undying love and devotion, haha.


Lynn McKee
luvin' this great weather we're having in DC