Re: [CH] on the salt/seasoning thread. . . .

Doug Irvine (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 07:26:50 -0700

Ken_Farr@SMTP.NYNEX.COM wrote:
> Doug Irvine  wrote:
> > . . . . .  Personally, the only salt mixture that I use is celery salt,
> > and only in spaghetti sauce. . . .
> Here's another good use for celery salt - next time you smash some
> potatoes, try a dash or two of celery salt. Two tablespoons of Innner Beauty
> provide a nice colorful touch.
Potatoes, you say? Oh I can do better than that! Take five potatoes,
peeled and cut in half or quartered, peel five large cloves of garlic,
and chop coarsely,half or all of a seeded, chopped jalapeno, half a
yellow onion(cheer up, the new ones will soon be here) chop it up and
add enuf water to cover, half tsp salt, and cook until done...drain,
saving water for soup stock, and add marg or butter and milk, not
much...THEN smash! These are mashed potatoes to die for!M.M.Good!  Doug
in BC