[CH] Jalapen~o mustard

Frank J. Hashek (pepperking@mindspring.com)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:26:40 -0500

>---a little snippage---<

I second the suggestion of Penzy's.  Their mustard is first quality.  I did
it a bit different than below, however.

Used equal amounts of brown mustard seed and powder.  Added about a
tablespoon of (Jim's) Red Savina powder and about 1/2 to 2/3 of an 8 ounce
jar of Woebber's Pure Horseradish.  Added a bit extra vinegar to get the
right texture after the seeds did their absorption thing.


You could of course sub your choice of peppers.  I'd suggest using dried,
because I know it works and for shelf life.

No sinus problems here,

>Subject: Re: [CH] Intro and request
>Cc: Sugaree908 <Sugaree908@aol.com>
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>>From Penzey's:
>Your basic mustard
>1 cup mustard powder
>3 fl. oz. vinegar
>3 fl. oz. water
>1/2 tsp salt
>1 tbs honey
>mix until smooth
>add peppers as desired
>let age (room temp) 4 to 8 weeks
>The longer you let it age the milder it gets.  After aging, store in the
>On Apr 15,  1:04pm, Sugaree908 wrote:
>> Subject: [CH] Intro and request
>> Hi all :)
>> does anyone have a recipe for mustard/jalapeno mustard ?    I had some
hab mustard, but the flavor of the hab gives me
>> awful heartburn, can't do it.  Well, TIA for any pointers, recipes,
>> professing undying love and devotion, haha.
>> Peace
>> Lynn McKee
>> luvin' this great weather we're having in DC
>>-- End of excerpt from Sugaree908