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Frank J. Hashek (pepperking@mindspring.com)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:45:21 -0500


I must disagree.  We all can find studies to support just about any
conclusion we want to reach (after all, the tobacco lobby concludes smoking
is not harmful -- flame away).  

I prefer to believe along the lines of the next paragaph.  We may never
have an answer that everyone will believe.

In his book, The K Factor, Dr. Richard Moore, M.D. PhD explains the process
of sodium and potassium exchange in and out of our cells.  His conclusion
is that excess sodium contributes to the development of high blood pressure
(and that the condition can be reversed by restoring the proper balance and
maintaining it).  

He supports this with studies of non-western cultures where salt was not a
part of the diet, and where the diet later became "westernized".  

Granted, in our society, there are other contributing causes of high blood
pressure.  And yes, I do use some salt, but try to minimize it.

For flavor and the sake of keeping it on topic, I should mention that I
prefer to use chiles and spices to add flavor.

Peace and chiles, 

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>Kit Anderson wrote:
>>This is great news as is the debunking of the low 
>>fat-high carbo mantra.
  You are absolutely right about 
>salt being safe for anyone who does not have high blood pressure already,