[CH] Pepper Question....

Steve Rucci (rucci@worldnet.att.net)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:03:09 -0400

Greetings.  I was browsing around and found your web site.  I have a
question, and I hope you can help answer it.  I've been growing hot
peppers since last year.  (just a whim, but I enjoy it)  Anyway, I
bought a few plants from a nursery, just getting whatever, hoping to get
a winner.  Two of the plants I got are fairly unique in my opinion.  (At
least my limited knowledge about peppers makes them unique to me.)  The
first one had black stems and branches, and black leaves (they start out
green to dark green & then turn this black color).  They produce very
nice looking purple blooms and when the peppers grow, they are also
BLACK.  They stay this way until finally turning red.  The peppers
themselves are very small.  The biggest ones are usually no bigger than
about 1/4 inch. in diameter and stay fairly round - Hot taste.  (close
to the beginning of winter, the entire stalk & branches turned a
bleached white color, leaves still green/black, but the plant is still
alive, and producing again now)

The second plant was normal looking, compared to the first one.  It's
typical green leaves and has white blooms with a little bit of purple in
the center.  When the peppers grow, they are BRIGHT PURPLE, eventually
turn orange, and finally red.  They are a pointed-shaped pepper and grow
to about 1 - 1 1/2 inches long  -  Hot taste.

Question is:  What kind of peppers are they???  The only answer I have
is that the purple one came with a nursery tag that said "Masquerade"
but this doesn't sound right to me.

Any help would be appreciated...