[CH] Rael!

Jalust (Jalust@aol.com)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:08:03 EDT

Oooohhh, Rael, you sweet little popper, you.  I pictured you as older, but
your cherubic face convinces me that you are but a youth.  I can picture you
in your chef suit, whipping up (?) delightful chile dishes.  Behind that
innocent face lurks visions of Nubile Chile Maidens playing Twister (tm)
without their shoes on.  Who would have thought that anything so earthy would
slither in the mind of one with such a  loving and thoughtful visage?  You
have the gentle face of a career criminal like Billy the Kid.  Be still, my
heart, for there is but one Rael!  Leap on a bus bound north and a group of us
will meet you at the depot.  I feel faint. . .