Re: [CH] Re: Jalapeno seasoning

Eeyore (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 20:18:05 -0600

I completely agree on the foolishness of using chile flavored salt seasonings.
They taste mostly of salt and hide the wonderful chile flavors. There are too
many good powdered chile mixture to salinate your body with salt instead. I'll
stick to chile, thanks.

Alex Silbajoris wrote:

> ChefChile scribed:
> >Anything referred to as "seasoning salt", "jalapeno salt", "garlic salt",
> >"onion salt", etc. etc. etc. should be avoided when cooking.  While these
> >tems are somewhat useful to some people as a personal seasoning at the
> dinner
> >table, they really should be avoided in cooking.  We all know the perils
> of
> >too much salt in the diet.  These particular seasonings have no different
> >flavor than the addition of the individual spices themselves.
> Well yes, and if anything they're likely to be more stale or made from
> lower-grade ingredients.  Plus you can get unexpected things like sugar,
> not to mention stabilizers and free-flowing agents.
> (Last thing a Chile-Head needs is a free-flowing agent.)
> I kinda wonder when I watch my parents shake the Aromat, with all its
> strange ingredients.  If you haven't tried it, I'll just say it's from
> Knorr, and they're not afraid  of mysterious chemicals in their dry
> products.
> I use the mixed seasonings when I'm picnicing or camping, and I need an
> all-in-one seasoning.  Often I doctor these mixes, adding other ingredients
> (usually pepper) to my taste.  At home I try to use separate ingredients.
> Plus I'll try to avoid dried garlic when I have fresh, etc.  As for salt,
> I'm amazed at the strength of salt flavor in products like Italian-style
> salad dressing.  Or a big soft pretzel.
> I'll bet a lot of people here have some kind of home-made seasoning mix
> centered around ground pepper.
>      Alex Silbajoris
>      Season within reason - sometimes.