Re: [CH] Pepper Question....

Mark Anderson (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:36:02 -0500

Steve Rucci (by way of Mary Going ) wrote:
> first one had black stems and branches, and black leaves (they start out
> green to dark green & then turn this black color).  They produce very
> nice looking purple blooms and when the peppers grow, they are also
> BLACK.  They stay this way until finally turning red.  The peppers
> themselves are very small.  The biggest ones are usually no bigger than
> about 1/4 inch. in diameter and stay fairly round - Hot taste.  (close
> to the beginning of winter, the entire stalk & branches turned a
> bleached white color, leaves still green/black, but the plant is still
> alive, and producing again now)

MY fiance says that she read about a pepper plant the other day that
sounded like this.  I don not have the book right now to confirm it
though.  I will have it tomarrow to verify the sizes and so forth. She
believes this could be the "Czechoslovakian Black Pepper"  Sounds just
like what you descibed.

> The second plant was normal looking, compared to the first one.  It's
> typical green leaves and has white blooms with a little bit of purple in
> the center.  When the peppers grow, they are BRIGHT PURPLE, eventually
> turn orange, and finally red.  They are a pointed-shaped pepper and grow
> to about 1 - 1 1/2 inches long  -  Hot taste.

I think this one sounds like a "bolivian Rainbow Pepper"  but you are
missing the yellow stage for that to be true.  I'll check this in the
book also and get back with you all.

Good luck in your search.