[CH] What R these ?

Schoenbacher, Anton (Anton.Schoenbacher@wwireless.com)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:22:00 -0700

     I have recently germinated some more seeds for my hydroponic 
     garden (which gets bigger by the week).  I got the seeds from 
     Carol Seeds on the net.  They are ortega peppers, I have been 
     trying to find some info on them but can't find a darn thing.  
     Does anybody know wnything about them, how big they get, how hot, 
     what they look like, where I might find a picture of one ?
     Any info would be greatly appreciated.  
     I finally figured out how to germinate seeds, in the past I was 
     trying too hard.  The result...nothing.  This time I just threw 
     them in my closet and occasionally checked on them...BINGO !  It 
     looks like every seed is germinating.
     How do you know when a pepper which is supposed to be green is 
     ripe ?
     One last question, I'm considering starting to use some type of 
     high pressure grow light (I'm sick of setting up a bunch of 
     flourescents).  Does anyone know if you need to keep plants close 
     to those things ?  Like they say keep your plants no less than 2" 
     from your lights or they get spindley, does this apply to big 
     lights ?