[CH] RE:Salt

Kit Anderson (kitridge@bigfoot.com)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 11:02:41 -0700

> Dr. Moore has done extensive research on non-western cultures whose diet
> did not include salt.  Heart disease was virtually non-existant, but rose
> with the westernization of their diets.

The relationship has to be causal. The logic here is the same as saying
since Westerners watch more TV and have higher blood pressure then TV
causes heart disease. Heart disease is not associated with high blood
pressure. It is associated with high serum LDL.

> For some individuals a high intake of sodium has been associated with high
> blood pressure.  Based on my limited knowledge of the human anatomy (yes I do
> have some knowledge of the human anatomy, but we'll keep this rated "G") high
> blood pressure is a factor in heart attacks, strokes, and other circulatory
> problems. Since many people suffer from heart disease and it is among the
> leading killers in the US I for one am concerned.
> Many people do not have a problem with sodium intake.  I know I do not have
> high blood pressure at the moment, but I know that I could develop the
> problem.

The latest research shows that salt will not only NOT give you high
blood pressure, people who have high blood pressure do not need to limit
salt if they are on non-diuretics like Propanolol.

I agree that fresh is better. Why buy jalapeņo salt if you can get fresh
peppers and use non-iodized salt? Most things that are processed get
stale. Taste some chile powder out of a jar and compare it to freshly
toasted and ground anchos.
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