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Kit Anderson (kitridge@bigfoot.com)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 11:31:59 -0700

Kristin asked;

> >This is great news as is the debunking of the low 
> >fat-high carbo mantra.
> I know that this is a bit off topic, but I am curious to know how exactly 
> you believe that his has been "debunked".  You are absolutely right about 
> salt being safe for anyone who does not have high blood pressure already, 
> but I would beg to differ on the other issue.  Do you have any evidence 
> to support this claim?

Oldways Preservation and Trust with the Harvard School of Public Health
are the leading researchers. One good source that utilizes their
information is Dr. Bob Arnot's latest book.

They have been studying the diets of cultures whose rates of obesity,
diabetes, cancer and heart disease are well below the norm. They have
identified three healthy diets; the Sonorran, the Mediterranean, and the

What is common to all three is they are high in complex carbohydrates,
fresh vegetables and low in animal proteins and fats. The Mediterranean
diet has 40% of its calories from fat. The difference from the high fat
American diet is it is monosaturated fats which actually lower serum LDL
and triglycerides. White flour is considered a refined carbohydrate will
raise you insulin level the same as sugar and will contribute to
obesity. So, pasta and bagels are no longer considered health food.

Basically, the latest research shows that sugar and other refined
carbohydrates (starchs) and saturated fats are responsible for the
American health problems. I have an article that studied the Pima
Indians of Arizona and Northern Mexico. I can forward it to anybody that
is interested. Eating the same number of calories per day, the Arizona
Indians became the most obese people on the planet while their Mexican
counterparts are some of the healthiest.

This is actually on topic because the Sonorran diet uses a lot of beans,
corn tortillas and chiles.
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