FW: [CH] What R these ?

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 22:44:39 -0400

I've seen a set up in the Lee Valley Garden Catalogue that I believe uses a 
very high powered halogen light source.  The picture shows the light about 
6 ft ( yes feet ) above the plants, and there are a lot of plants under 
there.  This setup was not cheap, so I put it on the 'to buy when I win the 
lottery list' and went back to my flourescents.

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[Gil White]  Snip

     How do you know when a pepper which is supposed to be green is
     ripe ? [Gil White]   a little bite that can be blamed on insects ??

     One last question, I'm considering starting to use some type of
     high pressure grow light (I'm sick of setting up a bunch of
     flourescents).  Does anyone know if you need to keep plants close
     to those things ?  Like they say keep your plants no less than 2"
     from your lights or they get spindley, does this apply to big
     lights ?