[CH] Solution found? (it's ALIVE, it's ALIVE!!)

Nikos Kalofolias (nkal@hol.gr)
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 14:08:47 -0700

Greetings again Chile-addicts ,

I wish to thank once more all of you for sharing your wisdom
about soil.

I told you about my first batch that is floating somewhere in the
 mediterranean right now. What I didn't mention is an Early Sc Bonnet
that was sowed right after the first batch germinated. I left it in
the seed "tray" for about 15 days after germination and was giving
it a 20-20-20 fertilizer almost every day while I was trying to save
the first batch. I sprayed the seedling all over (foliage & soil) until
finally the seed leaves were dark green with deep blue and maybe black
spots all over(the fertilizer was blue) . I didn't really care about 
killing the one and only , I was mainly concerned with the big 
population. After the masacre of 31 March I finally decided to 
transplant the one to an 4" pot with potting soil. This potting soil
is a different one from last time. It's supposed to be used for 
containers and hanging baskets and the german translation says 
"geranium soil".(don't know why the english beneath says "potting soil").
To make a long story short, this chile has now 4 and a growing 5 &
6th true leaves and looks *beautyful* !!
I guess you all remember how you felt when you first had you first 
chile look like this :))

So my advice to anyone who just can't figure out what's going wrong
is to fertilize like crazy (a little everyday, not all at once).

Only problem is I *think* it's a Sc. Bon. since I was so angry at the
time I sowed it that I didn't keep any records :)
I will let you know what it turns out to be. 

I only hope I am not raising a big bushy healty weed  all this time :)))

Fingers crossed