[CH] Thai Curry with Chicken & Asparagus

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:47:46 -0700

This was dinner tonight...Sunday April 19, 1998

12 ozs of boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 tbls white wine
1 tbls finely chopped green ginger, marinated in the wine
8 ozs fresh asparagus, chopped into 1 inch lengths
8 chinese dried mushrooms soaked in HOT water for ten minustes,then
drained and sliced into slivers
2 tbls green curry paste OR I used a very good hot sauce, Prairie Fire
and Sracha, 1Also sprinkle of chile powder) of each...more heat is up to
you..this was NICE, my wife said !!
1 15 oz can coconut milk
1 chopped jalapeno(well chopped)
1 tbls fish sauce(nam pla) DO NOT OMIT!!!
tbls of sugar or substitute if like me(diabetic)
about ten fresh basil leaves chopped up

If too thin...1 tbls corn starch in 1 tbls water

Marinate the chicken after chopping it up into bite size in the wine 
and ginger(actually I use Green Ginger Wine, dunno how available it
might be)everywhere, it is here in Canada.
Put half of the coconut milk into a wok and add all the fire, including
the jalapeno and simmer for at least five minutes...add the chicken and
its marinade, cook for about two minuts, add all the asparagus and the
mushrooms and cook gently for about five minutes. Add the rest of the
coconut milk, cook for another five minutes...add a good shot of nam
pla, the cornstarch and water mix and stir fry for another
minute...stick this on a platter and add the basil leaves....Like wow
man, even Hendrix and Chiles would like it!!!
Cheers, from Doug in BC...PS I will TRY  and do this once a week if
anyone wants me to, bearing in mind that I am very busy at month end.