re.[CH] Snow, expensive chiles and recipe

Paul Richards (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:29:11 +0000

For the benefit of UK-CHs, here's a couple of places where you can get
various dried Mexican chiles, although not much cheaper than David's
Waitrose find;

Firstly the Cool Chile Co who do mail order. They stock Ancho's, Cascabels,
Chipotles, Pasillas, Mulatos, Piquin, Guajillos,De Arbol etc.Prices vary
from 2.90ukp for 100g of Anchos, to 2.60ukp for 20g of Pasado's. They can
be contacted at;
P.O. BOX 5702, London W11 2GS
tel. 0171 229 9360

Also, there is the Spice Shop, just off Portobello Road (don't know the
exact address, but it might be Talbot or Colville Road - whatever, it is on
the right as you walk from the flyover towards Notting Hill Gate). They
sell a cornucopia of spices & dried & sometimes fresh chiles.

As for fresh chiles, there is a stall at the top of Berwick St market in
Soho, that sells a varying range of peppers, often exotic.

I recently had a good find in Streatham - Jalepenos, & red & green "snub
nose" (which I assume are Fresnos) for 90p per pound.

David Smith <>1;

>How about this for expensive chiles. I was really excited to see
>Ancho and Pasilla chiles in our local Waitrose supermarket today. I was
>going to buy some when I saw they were GBP 1.99 for 20 grams. A
>rough and ready conversion makes that about USD 4.75 per ounce.
>Ouch. And you wouldn't get many meals out of 20g (0.71 oz).