[CH] RE: Need Dallas Info

Thomas Wilhelm (owner@mtg-cards.com)
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 09:27:32 -0500

I think I found what you're talking about.  After all the feedback I
got, I had to go driving to find some of these places...

Is the place called the Firehouse (appropriate name)?  The item on the
menu that got me was:
  Sicilian Firehouse Chicken
	Marinated chicken breast with garlic, virgin olive oil
	and Firehouse mix, in a rich habanero cream sauce over
	habanero spinach fettucine

Habanero cream sauce !?!
Habanero spinach fettucine !?!

I guess you can use this stuff in/on just about ANYTHING!!!

P.S.  If anyone would like to see the rest of the menu, let me know and
I'll send you a copy...
> >
> > There is actually a chilehead restaurant somewhere in the lower Greenville
> > area.  I was working near there when they opened about a year ago.  A CH
> > friend and I went there for lunch but were disappointed to find that they
> > were not open for lunch.  The front door was open so we went in to see
> > their menu.  There was no one there so we took one of the menus that
> > looked like it was a freebie.  I'll try to find it at home tonight and post
> > the name and address.
> >
> > Tom Greaves
  Tom Wilhelm