[CH] Hotluck in Beautiful BC

Jo-Anne and Kevin Dooley (jdooley@uniserve.com)
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:14:18 -0700

Just a reminder of my hotluck on Saturday!!  I have the new and improved
FEAR ITSELF for tasting!!  I haven't tried it yet myself, but it
promises to be good.

For those who don't know FEAR, it was developed by a couple of local
(Vancouver) guys who run a Louisiana restaurant (Ouisi Bistro).  Great
food.  They served this yellow habanero sauce with some of the dishes
and folks were always asking where they could get it, so they decided to
bottle it.  They have recently changed the sauce, it is now red, and the
label.  I'll let you all know how it tastes on Sunday!!  
Passionately yours,	jdooley@uniserve.com	
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