[CH] My garden

Brent Leatherman (brent@mail.feist.com)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:44:50 -0500

Well, got my garden all in today - this year, it's pretty abbreviated due
to a new job that promises to keep me on the road most every week. After
getting the pepper plants from the Happy Plant Garden Center (owned and
operated by a fellow Chile Head, George - amazing variety of plants, and at
least several guard cats - gratuitous plug there, George), I've got 'em in
the ground and (hopefully) growing.

Two dozen chile plants, of about 10-12 varieties - *four* types of hab, two
of scotch bonnet, some Jalapenos and Serranos, some ricotto's, some rat
turd (?), and a few others that I don't immediately recall. Also got a
half-dozen 'mater plants in - strictly for salsa, mind you!

In addition, the apple trees are coming along nicely - should bear fruit in
another couple of years or so, the blackberry bushes are filling out madly,
and even the Japanese kiwi vine I planted last year seems to have survived
(wasn't sure how it'd do, seeing as we're just about at the northern edge
of it's growing area). Lastly, the strawberry patch has developed a mind of
it's own and taken a cue from Frankenstein. If I'm not careful, it'll take
up the whole back yard...
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