[CH] Healthy things

City Print (cityprint@xtra.co.nz)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:15:14 +1200

>> What's the great, healthy things that the Mediterraneans eat?
>Anchovies, bread, olive oil, garlic, wine and peppers.  Add ceegars and
>you have all the major food groups.  :)

Hey don't forget tomatoes (good for the prostate :^), onions, capers and a 
generous  use of fresh herbs.

Tried my first home-grown Hab last Sunday. Made a batch of salsa using 
Serranos, split it in half, added one (one! scared? me? yep!) finely 
chopped Hab to one half. (No rubber gloves but avoided handling the Hab 
more than I needed to) SO and I tried the plain half, it was good (had the 
SO panting and whistling), tried the +Hab half and...OH BOY! Now that's 
better. Amazing how much heat and flavour comes out of such a cute little 
fruit. Loved the fresh fruity smell when I chopped up the Hab too. SO saw 
the reaction on my face and she refused to even try the +Hab half. Oh well, 
all the more for me :^) Prickly scalp and sweaty forehead..ahh

Wish I had more than one plant :-(


Chris in Wellington, NZ where it's getting cooler and I hope the *almost* 
frost this a.m. didn't hurt the Hab plant. I've only got 6 ripe fruit off 
it so far!