RE: [CH] Healthy things

Linda Reynolds (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:56:36 -0400 (EDT)

>>> What's the great, healthy things that the Mediterraneans eat?
>>Anchovies, bread, olive oil, garlic, wine and peppers.  Add ceegars and
>>you have all the major food groups.  :)
>I've seen some great healthy product pass by, but what I missed is the
>amount of  red wine those people swallow! They use at leased one glass to
>a bottle a day.
>Recent investigations have learned that drinking red wine every day is
>keeping your cholesterol low (number one cause of dead) and therefor
>avoid hart attacks.
>This is due to a component what is only available in the skin of red

.....Also, I read an article here at Cornell that indicated that NY State
red wines have more of the ingredient (? whatever it is called), than other
red wines from CA, and I believe even France.  Something about the way the
climate is here, and the grape provides more of this ingredient to keep
itself from molding in the cold, damp climate that can occur near our
Finger Lakes........

How's that for Scientific?  I could actually do a search for the article if
anyone is interested in it.