Re: Groovy Superhero (WUZ: Re: [CH] current boy

Cameron Begg (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:00:09 -0500

Hi C-H's -

>And they say *Southerners* have accents...HA!

They say to me "Oh, you have an accent!" Of course I don't. It's the rest
of you that do!

>Rael"...Cardinal, don't throw that at me, please...WHACK..."64 (ouch)

Since you seem to be keeping your capsaicin soaked digits off the innocent
young Firegirl I'll spare the rod. However you are required to publish the
recipe for the "etouffee". It sounds a bit like ratatouille? Do you throw
the shellfish in for a couple of minutes at the end?

                     Regards,               Cameron.