Re: [CH] The value of rubber gloves

Steve (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 14:16:30 -0400

>>From: Ron M <>

Practically everytime I handle a raw pod, I wear latex! What's that little
saying....." no glove, no love'? Well for me it's " no glove, my waist are
my hands above"<<

Don't use them, never have. I feel sorry for those who are allergic to
their favorite food. The rest just have not learned to enjoy the finer more
stimulating side of life or are CH novices or even worse CH pretenders. Oh
the joy of a chile willie!

My wife thinks that gloves would be a great asset in the bedroom, but more
importantly would like to find a lip and tong glove. Many hours after all
heat sensation has past from my mouth she can tell almost instantly if I've
been nibbling on my second favorite treat habs.  Any other experienced this
or something similar?  I hope my tong is not getting worn out!  Seems like
some mucus membranes are more sensitive than others.  Or maybe my tong just
gets more of a work-out... that is with the habs.