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Randy (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:30:49 -0700 (PDT)


This may seem far-fetched but sometimes critters seek plants out as a
source of water.  Perhaps a little watering dish with the name "Peter
Possum" would help.

Those opposums can be pesty - I've had them get after chickens, eat
the cat food, and they may be the #1 road kill in Georgia.

I like the shotgun idea but it might frighten the neighbors! And yes
they are OK to eat - just make sure to grain feed them for a while
before eating.  I have recipes if you're interested (of course they
will include chilis).

Just my two bits!

Rockin' Randy

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--PostLady <> wrote:

At 06:50 AM 4/23/98 , Brent Leatherman wrote:
>At 03:57 PM 4/23/98 +1000, Malcolm Fear wrote:
>>I live in Sydney, Australia on the edge of the National Park.
>>My chiles, leaves, stems and fruit are being eaten by possums. I have
>>witnessed this (it is not emus).
>>Any suggestions for a deterrent??
>Yeah, a shotgun (preferably 12 ga.) works wonder...
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They are good baked like a roast
especially if you don't know what you are eating  :)
Cats wouldn't kill us off.

They need someone to work the can opener.
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