[CH] Pepper Plant Sources

Sat, 25 Apr 1998 00:27:30 +0000

Howdy Group,

I have screwed up.  This is neither the first time nor the last, 
although the consequences might be severe in this case.  But this 
group can help.  Let me explain.

For various reasons I failed to plant pepper plant seeds indoors 
until late.  The seedlings will probably not be ready to plant after 
the last danger of frost (May 15 in this area).  I can buy habanero, 
jalapeno, cayenne, and a funky sort of New Mexican hybrid plants in 
the southern New Jersey area without too much trouble.  But I would 
like to have real New Mexican / Anaheim peppers, Poblano, Serrano, 
and perhaps some other types.  

Does anyone know of a good nursery which has a good selection of 
pepper plants in the South Jersey / Philadelphia region?  

As always, thank you in advance for your help.