Re: [CH] Etouffee..or something like it [WUZ Re: Groovy Superhero

Michael Bailes (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 19:11:05 +1000

At 12:25 AM +1000 25/4/98, MachineGun wrote:
>Twas Writ:
>>Since you seem to be keeping your capsaicin soaked digits off the innocent
>>young Firegirl I'll spare the rod. However you are required to publish the
>>recipe for the "etouffee". It sounds a bit like ratatouille? Do you throw
>>the shellfish in for a couple of minutes at the end?
>Don't spare the rod on my account!  Oh, sorry...wrong list.  Hmmm...the
 Hey Hey hey 
This is a FAMILY list!!

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