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Michael Bailes (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 19:06:42 +1000

At 10:31 PM +1000 24/4/98, Linda Reynolds wrote:
>>At 10:56 AM 4/23/98 -0400, Linda Reynolds wrote:
>>>.....Also, I read an article here at Cornell that indicated that NY State
>>>red wines have more of the ingredient (? whatever it is called), than other
>>>red wines from CA,
 O dear
 what Bull. . .
its the  stuff that makes red wine red that is good for you.
(Probably any red veggie or berry  would do the same
I will deny that I ever said that)
my doctor said one to two glasses a day was OK.
I have now seen fifteen doctors that makes 30 glassses  ady
15 x2==?/.s,cl
NCS)(*&^%$#@fall off perch mansudi  ]wkkdh fssdrtet.///m ;l

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