Re: [CH] Possums

Judith Eastburn (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:29:05 -0500

Years ago, when I went out to place my garbage ( rubbish to the Aussies)
into my galvanized garbage can after a heavy rain, I found a half-full
can of water with a really dead-looking opossum  floating in it.  He was
not that attractive, either, with little patches of hair on his mainly
pink skin, and a sly smile on his deceased face.  So in pity , I dumped
the can of water, so he could rest in peace on the ground till the guys
came to pick up the trash.  Ten minutes later, the "dead" possum had
sauntered off into the woods and a happy afterlife.  In summary, these
guys are really tough, and honed to survive in all sorts of adversity. 
But they're so ugly, you've got to give them some slack in this
world....a counterfeit garden sounds like a good idea to me...or just a
pile of garbage (rubbish) and they'd be happy.  I've got to respect
something that adaptable!
Judith in Iowa