Re: [CH] epidermal epistle

boz (
Sat, 25 Apr 98 16:01:26 PDT

<major snippette>
Hey, speaking of skin and capsaicin - my mom recently had a bout of
shingles (viral skin disease) and the doctors told her there was no topical
treatment to ease the tingling irritation.  Someone else told me that there
are cap products that can alleviate this.  That's what I suspected, too. 
Anybody have information on this?

  Shingles is caused by the herpes simplex virus, the same virus that
causes "cold sores" and/or "fever blisters" around the mouth.  My secretary
is punished with these from time to time, and she does the following- cuts
a raw hab in half and applies the cut pepper directly to the area of
scourge.  Her eruptions are usually gone within 24 hours, compared to about
12-14 days if left untreated.  So, I don't think a little cap cream would
hurt, if you could stand it.  No medical facts to back this up, just figure
if it works on the virus on one part of the body, it should work on another
part of the body.

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