Re: [CH] Banning possums
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:05:23 +0000

I wouldn't rely on the urine to keep the critters away.  In my 30 
years of bowhunting experience for whitetail deer, I have observed 
deer and coyotes in the same woods and have seen deer smell areas 
that were marked(urinated on) by coyotes many times.  I have never 
seen a deer show alarm  when smelling the coyote urine, only 
curiosity, and whitetail deer are one of the most nervous, and 
easily alarmed animals there is.  

After all, urine is composed of the same basic elements, no matter 
what animal produces it.  I actually make mock scrapes to attract 
bucks, in which I urinate myself, and they do attract deer, but I
digress.  I think human hair would work much better to repel 
critters. You can get all you want from a barber shop.   Coyote hair 
would work better, but good luck getting it.


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> This will work.  Haven't had experience with the coyote thing, but read (in
> Organic Gardening) a number of years ago, that the same is true of human
> urine.  Being besieged by racoons in the corn patch at the time, I went out
> on a dark night ........ and the racoon damage ceased.  
> Actually, I am envious of the person with the problem because I now have
> just a small raised bed for a few chiles and a few other plants.
> Running on chile power, Frank